The Colliver Method


"To learn we must be open
To be open we must be unafraid
To be unafraid we must have knowledge
As knowledge opens the door to all things" 

- Amanda Colliver

Teaching someone to sing or speak confidently is not just about sharing technical knowledge, but also about making them aware of the things that prevent his or her voice from flowing freely. Thankfully, the sounds we make are only a symptom of what we do to them and therefore can be modified or changed. In other words, the sound your voice is making at any given time is directly or indirectly linked to your feelings, your actions, your understanding and execution of technical information, and the confidence you do or don’t have in your ability to do this. This means that before you can master the technical skill of singing or speaking, you firstly need to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are preventing you from expressing yourself confidently, and then learn to change them into something more constructive and empowering.

My aim as a teacher is not only to give you the scientific principles of vocal technique, but also to help you become creative and confident with them. Only confident and empowered individuals will be capable of confident and empowered sounds, so the mastery of a skill is only possible when and if the blocks to this are removed. No one is ordinary and uninspiring, we simply learn to be that way, so it is the unlearning of the boundaries and barriers we have placed around ourselves that becomes the true journey and the ultimate challenge. Although I am a passionate believer in the need for a solid classical foundation for all singers, I educate more from a place of health and wellbeing rather than external muscle manipulation.

Singing is communication - a combination of the physical, mental, and intuitive parts of ourselves. None of these components can successfully function on their own, and so the good sounds, ugly, and imperfect sounds must all be explored and embraced with an adventurous spirit and a healthy sense of humour. This will eventually lead you to an integrated understanding of vocal technique and the ability to communication with power and skill.

We are all unique individuals with a unique and individual journey to complete, but most importantly, we must understand that we are each at different stages of creative development and so must allow ourselves to change and grow in our own time.

I am not one to offer short cuts or quick fixes, although I have often witnessed miraculous change in short amounts of time, what I do promise you however, is a vastly improved self-awareness and the solid technical foundation necessary for all empowered expression.

What I love about my work is that there are no losers in this process, as the experience of singing is natural and not limited to a chosen few. We all have to start somewhere, so no matter where you are in your vocal development, a passionate desire to learn, commitment to the required daily practice, and the right teacher will almost certainly lead to the discovery of your true and authentic voice.