Workshops can take a few hours or a few days depending on the requirements of the participants, and although they can be structured to concentrate on specific areas of performance, they generally work on deepening the singer's technical awareness and skill sets, ie. breath control and vocal placement. Vocal maintenance is also an area of discussion sorting fact from fiction on how to nurture and maintain a healthy voice for life. These innovative and enlightening courses offer fascinating insight into the causes of negative vocal symptoms, and provide tangible, practical skills that will help performers and public speakers change the way they use their voices and interact with others forever. Workshops are structured to cater to all levels of expertise, and groups are kept small to guarantee the maximum individual attention for all who attend.

Amanda has synthesized her training and experience to develop an excellent technical approach to singing. Her lateral approach allows her to adjust her methods to suit the needs of every individual”  -   Vanessa Fallon Rohanna- ASDA, BMus (Voice) NSW Conservatorium of Music, Post Grad Dip. (Vocal Performance) 


In essence a master-class is a private singing lesson or speech presentation that is opened to the public. Individual singers or speakers present their selected piece of music or script and are given constructive feedback and technical suggestions on how to improve what they have just done. Those watching will often witness significant vocal change within minutes, which is not only inspiring, but also extremely interesting. Workshops take two and a half hours with time allocated at the end for questions and discussion. 

“Amanda Colliver is a name that has been linked with the stars of all the major commercial productions in Australia, and it is without a doubt that her tuition and professional guidance have played a huge part in my being cast in this role.”  -  Chloe Dallimore (Ulla-The Producers)

Private Tuition

Private lessons are generally taken by those pursuing a singing or public speaking career, or those in need of vocal strength to support the work they do. Great care and attention is taken to meet the specific needs of each student. Beginner to advanced technical training, style and genre versatility, repertoire preparation, and presentational skills are all offered, with the added support of training materials such as CDs, books, and videos.

Skype sessions are also available.


"Amanda approaches every student on his or her merit hand in hand with unfailing consideration, support and interest. Her reputation goes before her in the Performing Arts community. She is as good as it gets"  -  Shaun Murphy - Performer, Director, Composer

"One of the most diverse and talented artists I have ever worked with. One of a kind."  -  Tony McGill - Program Director, Lasalle College of the Arts

"Very simply, Amanda Colliver is the best in the business!"  -  Adrian & Tracie Pang, Articistic Directors of Pangdemonium Productions