How is it that a set of words and a melodic phrase can suddenly emerge from nowhere and be so profoundly moving that wounds are healed and lives are changed? The fact that this remains a mystery makes it all the more magical when it happens.

As I grow older I see myself writing less about broken hearts and petty grievances and more about hope, courage, forgiveness and peace. My deepest desire for my songs is that amidst the struggle and mayhem of todays world, at least one of them will serve to comfort, inspire and empower someone, somewhere, somehow.


“Amanda Colliver’s ‘All the Girls I Am’ is explosive! An amazing combination of Celtic influence and harmony vocals make it reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt's work.”  -  Joe Viglione - All Music Guide - Nashville USA




“The performance of the evening goes to Amanda Colliver's Dorinda. She is funny, moving and rebellious and attacks the vocal embellishments with the right mix of characterisation and showy musical display”  -  John Slavin, Opera-Opera


“Colliver delivered a one-woman tour de force in her performance, alternating between keen storyteller, the protagonist Kannagi, her antithesis Madhavi, and the devastating force of Kali. Her arias included aspects of coloratura and Sprechstimme, in short the full gamut of vocal and narrative devices”  -  Dr Chang Tou Liang, The Straits Times



In September 2012 Amanda’s much awaited book, Can Anybody Sing – Getting the best out of the voice you have, was launched. Two years in the making, this book is the product of several decades of life experience gleaned from performing, teaching and metaphysical study.


Renowned for her somewhat unorthodox approach to vocal training and irreverent approach to life, Amanda has peppered each chapter with intimate biographical stories, life coaching tips and solid technical information making this book one of a kind.


“This new book is truly one of a kind! From the perspective of a remarkable teacher and performer, Colliver provides unique insight into the life and training process of professional singers across a range of genres. A fascinating and inspiring work for anyone who sings or wants to sing.”Joan Melton, PhD, ADVS Writer, Researcher, Voice Coach, NYC